IT Support Made Simple in Essex.

Making IT Support in Essex simple is what we do best.

We find all kinds of situations where we can implement our mantra and a good example of this occurred recently when one of our engineers visited a client (10 users) and noticed that their server cabinet was in rather a mess. Not all cables were plugged in (therefore not working) some cables had been unplugged and re-plugged in, but had become twisted and wrapped around other cables and all was in a bit of a disarray.

A reactive appointment was made to revisit our client at a time that suited them and the cabinet was re-arranged.

You can see from the ‘before photo’ the tangle that had occurred and that all the cables, being the same colour made the situation worse.

cable before

All cables had to be removed, untangled and placed back in the existing or correct position and with a colour coded cable.
You can see from the ‘after photo’ how this makes sense and simplifies the situation.

Simplified cables

On a larger scale, a client with 200 computers, telephoned with technical issues.

Following an audit, it became apparent that over time, previous in-house IT support had created the problem by trying to resolve issues, unplugging cables and re-plugging, not labelling them etc. and as soon as the problem seemed to be fixed it was left and not documented or fully resolved.

When the problem arose again or a new problem was highlighted, the client didn’t know where to begin, as you can see from the photo that we took on our arrival.wp_20160131_001

A planned appointment was made for a weekend, causing minimal disruption to the client. The cabinet was re-cabled and ready for Monday morning and an engineer placed onsite to ensure its smooth running.

All cables were now labelled and colour coded.wp_20160131_014
In future, trouble shooting will be simple due the methodical approach put in place.

You can see the benefits from the before and after photos again.