Off Site Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

For just a few pounds per month, in the event of system failure or disaster such as fire, flood or evacuation, you could have your entire IT system up and running in just a few hours: Guaranteed.

Our Cloud Backup and DR Service replicates your entire IT system to the Cloud. Data is encrypted and held in European Data Centres using the popular Microsoft Azure platform. In a disaster event, a copy of your server is “Spun Up” in the Cloud and made available to authorised users only via any web enabled device with an internet connection. It could be temporary offices or home.

How the Off Site Backup & Disaster Recovery Service works, in brief.

Essentially, we take “snap shot” images of the server, applications and configuration at regular intervals to capture user, network and data changes. In the event of a DR situation, the server images, applications, data and user profiles will be unzipped and “Spun Up” into “Virtual Servers”on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure. This process takes 4-6 hours depending on configuration and the amount of data involved.

For peace of mind, regular “Fire Drills” or Service Failover Tests can also be performed for reassurance without disrupting users and we include one each year as part of the service.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan.

At a minimum a Disaster Recovery Plan should cover a variety of scenarios and include the key elements of your IT system. It should demonstrate how the organisation would continue to work should an event occur including simple hardware failure, data corruption through virus, theft of equipment or data, internet outage, building access restrictions etc.; these should all be considered in your DR Plan.

Your Disaster Recovery strategy should also incorporate your telephone system or call forwarding and handling.

For more information and objective recommendations on creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

How it Works

Our Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup subscription service protects your data network and minimises recovery time from a disaster. Prices are based on a Per “Virtual” Server basis. A Physical Server may have 3 Virtual Servers running but a client may decide they only require one of those Virtual Servers configured and ready for Disaster Recovery. The Service includes the following:

Disaster Recovery

  • Automated daily backup of data stored offsite at a data centre.
  • Automated daily or weekly imaging* backup of your server(s) stored offsite at a data centre.
  • Any machine that has been imaged* can be then recovered on site or at the data centre with remote access enabled. This is key to recovery if the building is inaccessible or the server infrastructure has been destroyed.


The service comprises multiple backup routines at different intervals to provide a comprehensive backup set. We provide unlimited data storage.

  • Daily backup of data.
  • Daily or Weekly backup of server operating system and applications (image* based backup).
  • 1 x copy of all data and images* stored locally on a storage device.
  • 3 x copy of all data and images* stored at Azure data centres.


Throughout the duration of the backup service our UK based technical department will conduct the following:

  • Daily review of backup reports.
  • Quarterly review of backup settings and machines covered including new folders and drives.
  • Annual Service Failover test and restore of your server into a Virtual Machine at the data centre to verify integrity.


  • Remote assistance to restore simple files.
  • Onsite visits to restore server images to original hardware.
  • Onsite visits to restore server images to new hardware.
  • Data centre recovery to Virtual Machine for servers.

*Imaging Explained

Imaging involves taking a snapshot of your network configuration at any given moment. Once an initial image has been taken, further weekly snapshots of your servers and will automatically detect any changes made, for example new access rights granted or updates downloaded.

This imaging process and the reserved processing power and storage space is what allows us to spin-up a replicated copy of your network in such a short time frame – so that’s all your data and configurations unzipped and ready to login to – without the usual wait associated with a full system restore.

Ready to prepare your business for the unexpected?
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